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Classic Electric Company has the expertise and dedication to do the job right


If a circuit breaker blows once and resets without further problems, you may have just overloaded it. However, if it consistently shuts off, or if it refuses to reset, you probably need a Master Electrician to provide a full assessment. Even if it’s just the Christmas lights, an overloaded circuit could mean there are bigger problems. Be safe, call Classic Electric Company.


If your building is more than 20 years old, it may not have adequate power to drive the computers, equipment and appliances essential to contemporary operations and lifestyles. Classic Electric Company will look into the walls, examine the circuits and tell you what you need. You might only need an extra circuit box and line to one part of the building, or you may need a complete re-wire. In either case, Raul gets the job done right.


When you’re moving in, you’re bringing new electrical demands that the building may not be suitable to handle. Or if you’ve upgraded your climate control system or installed new equipment, you may need to bring extra power to a particular location in your building. You may need to upgrade the electrical panel reflecting the new configuration of systems and equipment in the building. Call Classic Electric Company – we’ll find out what’s right and make it work for you.


Building from scratch, or taking a building down to the frame for remodeling is the ideal opportunity to make your facility or home safe and efficient. Classic Electric Company provides a significant value, installing circuits with precision and efficiency. When Classic does the job, we do it for the long haul – we expect those networks to hum for years to come.


When you buy that new hot tub or major tool, you notice that the plug at the end of the cord doesn’t look like the standard wall outlet. You need a 220v supply, requiring a new line to the circuit breaker box and a new breaker to handle the load. Classic Electric can help.


The room just glows – whether it’s a showroom, an auditorium or a family den, the ambiance of recessed lighting provides warm illumination without harsh, uneven glares. It requires a fine wiring circuit to reach each lamp and connect it to the controls. Classic Electric Company can help you develop the specification and install a circuit that is as friendly as the environment you are creating.


You have decided that you can rent the casita or partition your home or building for an extra tenant. Classic Electric can help you isolate the power to the “new” space and install a meter that helps tenants assume responsibility for their own power bill. We know the codes, we meet the standard with safe, efficient circuits.


Whether you are lighting the backyard, bringing security lamps to the building exterior or making a parking lot safe for driving, wires need to be run across the property. Classic Electric designs and installs the perfect electrical grid, all connected to a convenient panel. Outdoor electronics require special shielding and grounding – Classic Electric does the job right.


A ceiling fan can help lower your energy expenses by redistributing air inside a room. However, they often require extra circuits to separate light and fan, and they will need a new control installed in the wall. Classic Electric installs the new ceiling fan quickly and safely.


Electrical codes are in place for a very important reason – safety. As electrical demand has changed over the years, so have the codes. When you have purchased a building or home, you may need to upgrade the electrical circuits just to bring them up to code. Classic Electric Company knows the codes, and we know best practices for making a circuit safe. Call us – we do the the job right.