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When you’re hunched over a classic Chevy that hasn’t run in years, nothing is more satisfying than the moment the engine sparks to life. An old car often needs new wiring, and Raul Villarreal got the bright idea to learn electronics by restoring the cars he loves.

Your home or business needs to be wired correctly as well. Power where you need it makes everything work more smoothly. Problems in the line can impair productivity and make life less comfortable for a family. As he worked his way through school, Raul worked for other companies. He saw the kinds of shortcuts others were willing to make, he saw big crews of uncertified electricians without effective oversight.

So Raul started his own company. He determined that he would work directly with the homeowner, small business entrepreneur or contractor. He knew he would do the job right. He named his company, with its traditional values of hard work and dedicated integrity, after his passion for those excellent American automobiles. He named it Classic Electric.